Ewart Wray McKinney Wilson

Ewart Wray McKinney Wilson

Ewart Wray McKinney Wilson

Unit: New Zealand Field Artillery, Trench Mortar Battery

Conflict: WW1

Additional Details:

Son of Andrew and Katharine Alexandra Wilson, of Whangarei, New Zealand.

Public Contributions:

There are no public contributions written for this casualty


  • Service Number: 13/2959
  • First Name: Ewart Wray McKinney
  • Surname: Wilson
  • Rank: Gunner
  • Date of Birth: Not known
  • Next of Kin: Andrew Wilson (father), Hangatiki, New Zealand
  • Occupation: Farmer
  • Nationality of Force: New Zealand
  • Force: Army
  • Unit: New Zealand Field Artillery, Trench Mortar Battery

Casualty Details

  • Date of death: 21 March 1917
  • Age: 22
  • Conflict: WW1
  • Cause of Death:

    Killed in action

Embarkation Details

  • Body of Embarkation: New Zealand Expeditionary Force
  • Place of Embarkation: Wellington, New Zealand
  • Embarkation Date: 8 January 1916
  • Transport: HMNZT 37
  • Vessel: Maunganui
  • Destination: Suez, Egypt (8 February 1916)

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