Lance Corporal 

Rory Patrick Malone

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Biographical Notes:

"Both men [Malone and Durrer] were killed in action in Afghanistan on 4 August  when New Zealand Defence Force personnel came to the assistance of local security forces who encountered suspected insurgents near a village south of Do Abe, in the North East.  A further six NZ Defence Force personnel were wounded during the incident. Lance Corporal Malone was mortally wounded moments after assisting his wounded commanding officer, Major Craig Wilson, to shelter." [Herald on Sunday, 22 December 2013]

At approximately 0800 hours on the morning of 4 August 2012, KIWI COMPANY elements were informed by National Directorate of Security (NDS) personnel that the NDS had undertaken an operation early in the morning to detain suspected insurgents. This operation occurred in the vicinity of DAHANE BAGHAK in the SHIKARI VALLEY. KIWI COMPANY elements were informed by the NDS that the operation had resulted in a number of NDS casualties. …

When KT4 arrived on scene at 0946 hours, they found that one NDS member had been killed and six NDS personnel had been wounded. One of the wounded NDS members subsequently died. Members of KIWI COMPANY assisted with the evacuation of the NDS casualties and then commenced a dismounted clearance operation of a compound and the high ground surrounding the contact site in concert with the NDS. …

At approximately 1227 hours, shortly after the OC, SOLDIER B, had arrived on site with KT3, the insurgent contact with the New Zealand patrols started.

All of the eight NZPRT casualties, those killed and those wounded, including the OC, occurred in the space of approximately 12 minutes somewhere between 1227 and 1239.

It is the conclusion of the Court that the two deceased service members (LCPL DURRER and LCPL MALONE) and four of the wounded (SOLDIER B, SOLDIER C, SOLDIER D and SOLDIER E) can be directly attributed to insurgent fire. …

Summary …

7) DURRER and MALONE were killed by insurgent fire.
8) MALONE was killed almost instantly.
9) DURRER’S injuries were non-survivable. “

[Extract  from: SUMMARY NZ ARMY COURT OF INQUIRY - BAGHAK CONTACT, BAMIYAN PROVINCE 4 AUGUST 2012: Published on on 23 July 2013]

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Service Number: 
Rory Patrick Malone
Lance Corporal 
Date of Birth:
Not known
Date of Enlistment:
Not known
Armed Force: 
Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment, 2/1 Battalion

Casualty Details

Cause of Death:
Died of wounds
Date of Death:
08 April 2012
Day of Death:
Age at Death: 

Embarkation Details

Text in italics supplied by Cenotaph Online, Auckland War Memorial Museum


Cemetery Location: 
New Zealand
Rory Patrick Malone
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