Ceuta (Santa Catalina) Municipal Cemetery

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Ceuta is a small port on the African coast due south of Gibraltar. This cemetery, which overlooks the Straits of Gibraltar, is about 5 kilometres due east from Muelle Espana (Wharf), at the foot of Monte Hacho. The road leading to it is called Carrebera San Amaro and runs along the coast to the cemetery standing on a slight rise. The Commonwealth War Graves burials are in niches in a block known as Santa Gema. From the entrance gate, climb the steps to a yellow church, turn left to the statues, then right, then go down the alley fourth left. The niches are at the end of the alley on the facing wall, on the top row of the columbarium. Instead of a headstone, each grave is marked by a marble tablet shaped to fit the end of the niche, upon which the inscription is carved. Cemetery address: Avenida de San Amaro s/n - 51002 Ceuta GPS Co-ordinates: 35.896316, -5.299423.

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This civil cemetery contains ten Commonwealth burials of the Second World War.

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