Corbais Communal Cemetery

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Brabant Wal.

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Corbais, is 35 kilometres south-east of Brussels, and lies 1 kilometre east of the main Brussels-Namur road. The cemetery is on the south-east side of the village, 180 metres from the church. The Commonwealth graves are against the east wall.

Historical Information: 

The British Expeditionary Force was involved in the later stages of the defence of Belgium following the German invasion in May 1940, and suffered many casualties in covering the withdrawal to Dunkirk. Commonwealth forces did not return until September 1944, but in the intervening years, many airmen were shot down or crashed in raids on strategic objectives in Belgium, or while returning from missions over Germany. Corbais Communal Cemetery contains the graves of six Commonwealth airmen of the Second World War

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