Watarawi Pineaha

Watarawi Pineaha

Watarawi Pineaha

Unit: New Zealand Maori (Pioneer) Battalion

Conflict: WW1

Additional Details:

Brother of Pineaha Mokihi, of Fernhill, Hastings, New Zealand.

Public Contributions:

There are no public contributions written for this casualty


  • Service Number: 16/246
  • First Name: Watarawi
  • Surname: Pineaha
  • Rank: Private
  • Date of Birth: Not known
  • Next of Kin: Pineaha Mokiha (brother), Fernhill, Hastings, New Zealand
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: Farm hand
  • Nationality of Force: New Zealand
  • Force: Army
  • Unit: New Zealand Maori (Pioneer) Battalion

Casualty Details

  • Date of death: 29 September 1916
  • Conflict: WW1
  • Cause of Death:

    Died of wounds

Embarkation Details

  • Bodies of Embarkation:
    1st Maori Contingent
    Maori Contingent
  • Places of Embarkation:
    Wellington, New Zealand
    Wellington, New Zealand
  • Transport: HMNZT 20
    HMNZT 52
    HMNZT 53
  • Vessels:
    Mokoia or Navua
  • Destinations:
    Suez, Egypt
    Suez, Egypt

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