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Noel Wouldes was the son of Frank Lionel and Ina Mathilde Wouldes, of Paterangi, Auckland, New Ze

Thomas Holmes Nisbet was the focus of a 2014 Anzac speech by the rector of Waitaki Boys' Hig

My grandfather, Thomas, was an air-raid warden during the Blitz. He died in London.

I was handed a photo, this one has on the back G H Turner died 2 June 1916.

Stephen Harry Knowles Cox was a Supply Officer in Sarawak when the Japnese invaded Borneo and Sar

<p>Graham Braddock was born in June 1919 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England to Jonas Archib

Killed during flight training as a result of a runway plane collision.

4/2084 C R Frandsen born, 8th Sept. 1894. Enlistment 16th Dec. 1915.

Reginald David Hayward, was born 8 Dec 1923 in New Zealand.

Picture of Colin Rupert Marriott.

Despite having three names, he was called Toby.

I have scanned an image of my Great Uncle Ernie and would like to have this included on his page

I have just been going through photos of my father's war images and have found this photo.

This is one of the photos I have found amount my father's war photos.

John's mother Martha was the youngest of 11 children (6 girls and 5 boys) all born in the mi