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Portrait from New Zealand at the Front (a magazine written and published and illustrated in Franc

Jack's widow Lois gave birth to a daughter - Jacqueline - several months after Jack was killed.

This man is my Grandfathers brother I think - If anyone has any details please can they contact m

Born 26 May 1881, Ben was my grandmother's adored older brother.

Jack Hunter's real name is Te Apatu Hanita, and according to whānau and Māori Land Court records

A couple of photos.

Walter was killed in a plane crash just north of what is now Leighton Hospital on the north side

Private John Watson of Heddon Bush Southland died of cerebro-spinal meningitis at the Trentham Ca

John was born on 3rd February 1888, the son of John & Mary BARTER.

Len was born 14th March 1896 the son of John & Mary BARTER.

Cliff was born on 31st October 1886 and attended St Albans School 1896-98.

Tom was born on 28th November 1886, and attended St Albans School 1892-94.

Jack Milton Cave and his brother Vernon Grenville Cave, also killed in WW2 appear within Pedigree