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Berther Charles Monk was 23 when he died in South Africa of typhoid fever (enteric fever as it wa

Born: 3 October 1890, Kaiapoi. Joined Government Insurance Department 15 July 1907.

I believe he was a Farmer and lived in Dairy Flat prior to him joining the Army.

Augustus (Gus) was my Great Uncle by marriage.

Date of birth = February 23 1897; NZ BDM Reg #4429.

Born 10th August 1921 in Auckland.

Born 4 December 1906, Wellington. [Record since amended - NZWGT]

Edgar Burns Gillespie died in the War Hospital (Eastern Hospital, Maryfield) Dundee.

Jim was my grandmother Marion's brother. I visited his grave in December 2021.

Born 23/01/1896, Mangaweka, Rangitekei, 3rd son of 6.

Third Engineer James was 27 and the son of Frank and Jane Mary James, of Puramchri, Takaka, Nelso

Born 31 Dec1916 in Otautau, Southland, New Zealand