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Service Record KNOX, Flt Lt Ewen Samuel, 40923

Our family has fragments of story relating to the exploits of my Uncle Andrew and having done som

George was born Dunedin November 18 1884. He was the son of Albert and Ada Everett of Nelson.

Copy of article in Evening Post 1917 (from Papers Past).

Approximately 73 DFCs to New Zealanders in 1942.

On the 24th April 2015 my Daughter Anika Williams was selected to represent Allan Williams at the

Flight Sergeant Roy Alexander Hodge trained in RNZAF and then went to Britain where he joined RAF

Pete's (Lionel Lonie) little brother Kiddie (Adrian) was a very dear great uncle of mine.

Finally found the resting place of Daniel William Pierce. Let we forget

Being taught to army crawl with my sister at a young age whilst carrying water guns.

According to John's war record, handwritten on the top of the second page, was the statement "dis

He who no longer barges thru the door to raid the fridge when passing thru.

I live in the hamlet of Ebony in Kent, back in the UK.

Bryan Joseph Grofski was killed on the 7th October 1942 (his 30th birthday) while on a night land

Attached are photographs of William Mouton (hand coloured) and the five Mouton brothers.

Harold William Jennings was born August 15 1887.

This photo shows the four Thompson brothers in the late 1930’s.

Based on service records and excerpts from Thames Star obituary published April 1918.

George Duffy (Service No 12362) was born on 16 May 1881 at Whithorn, Wigtownshire, Scotland, son

Further research has confirmed that he died on the 5th of November in the Mormal Forest having ma