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Horace Stanley Waterson was born in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia in 1888 to Joseph Waterson a


He was not single, I have a picture of them getting married.

Leslie was born on the 21st March 1894. He was just 20 when he left New Zealand.

My father told me Sergeant E A Dustow was killed during an advance on German positions by a shell

Charles and his brother Albert both died in WW1.

Alfred and his brother Charles both died in WW1.

Private Herbert Kiernan was born 29 July 1908 in the Turakina Valley, Wanganui, New Zealand was m

Pilot Officer Charles Smith (nick name Lucky) was flying at an air show at Onerahi together with

Patrick Gregory Fitzgerald was born on 4th February 1895 in Timaru, New Zealand.

Never met Claude, however, told a lot by my mother Bertha Eileen Dennis nee Elvy.

This is from the Christchurch Boys High School Newsletter August 2012.

Found some old war photos my grandfather took during WW2.

Timoko was born in the village of Hakupu Atua, on Niue Island.

In Memoriam to W02 Edgar Thomas Townsend.