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Stephen Harry Knowles Cox was a Supply Officer in Sarawak when the Japnese invaded Borneo and Sar

<p>Graham Braddock was born in June 1919 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England to Jonas Archib

Killed during flight training as a result of a runway plane collision.

4/2084 C R Frandsen born, 8th Sept. 1894. Enlistment 16th Dec. 1915.

Reginald David Hayward, was born 8 Dec 1923 in New Zealand.

Picture of Colin Rupert Marriott.

Despite having three names, he was called Toby.

I have scanned an image of my Great Uncle Ernie and would like to have this included on his page

I have just been going through photos of my father's war images and have found this photo.

This is one of the photos I have found amount my father's war photos.

John's mother Martha was the youngest of 11 children (6 girls and 5 boys) all born in the mi

During the campaign in Greece, the Maori Battalion were positioned around the Olympus Pass near S

Date of Birth: 25th November, 1902 in Kaikohe, New Zealand.

Provided to update your records the year of Birth for William is 1907 according to NZ website

Niels Andersen was the son of Danish immigrants to New Zealand who fled Denmark after losing the