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Peter Sheehan, was my great uncle, Peter was born in Dunedin, and lived in South Dunedin with his

David Crooks Mitchell was the son of David and Annie Mitchell.

<p>Pete&#39;s (Lionel Lonie) little brother Kiddie (Adrian) was a very dear great uncle

My Uncle ( George Black's nephew) Bernard Black told me that George was escorting two German

Sgt Pullinger was part of a Lancaster crew which was on a cross country sortie.

The crash site at Branston where David was killed is currently being developed as a new housing e

James Clune was my Great Uncle too. His sister Daisy Clune was my Grandmother.

James is my great uncle. My grandmother Daisy is James' sister.

<p>Approximately 73 DFCs to New Zealanders in 1942.

John Henry Swinton born 23 July 1885 is the 2nd eldest child of William Mitchell Swinton and Here

<p>I&#39;m an aviation historian, as a hobby.

Pictures of the memorial for Godfrey Alan McKoy near the sire of his crash.

The war memorial at Bradwell in Derbyshire, England, showing Innis Noble Dixon's name on the

Innis Noble Dixon is named on the war memorial at Bradwell in Derbyshire, England.

Photo from records, his Grandparents were from Camden, London.

William Southworth was a teacher and a recent university graduate.

My grandfather was William Scott, father of Andrew Scott.

My son, James and I went to pay our respects to Frank in March 2017.

Read background here, plus some personal detail on Noel.
Published 2018