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I have details to add to your site for Noel Lund Jenkins No. 45756 20th

This is my brief biography on John Butler.

i have photo of him before he went to war with my poppa in a rugby team on my wall .

Donald was the elder son of Peter and Elfreda Mary Fraser, who lived in Auckland in the suburb of

Found some old war photos my grandfather took during time in Italy.

This is my grandfather and I am proud of his service and ultimate sacrifice. Lest we forget.

Our son Matthew (James Wilson) is serving in the RNZAF and spent six months in Sinai during 2010.

Walter Jack Perry was my Father.

Alex was the eldest son of Joseph and Helen (Nellie) Burns, of Hamilton, New Zealand.

Very gallant young man who was my great Uncle.

Frank was one of 3 brothers who went to WW1.

Andrew Scott was my Grandfather, born in Hawick Roxburghshire Scotland in 1880, married and emigr

Patrick Casey was one of three brothers killed in WW1.

Jack Thompson was born 21 Jan 1920 Philip Bay, Chile, Tierra del Fuego, South America where his f

I have both memorial pennies for him and his brother Tim.

Son of Mathew Inkerman and Raiha Dulcibella (McRoberts) Hill.