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My uncle was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Dath of Waitahuna Gully.

Above references 'Sultan Camp' as a POW camp in Hanover but was most likely in Soltau (

My father, Staff Sergeant FDP ('Don') Weaver, REME, served alongside Laurie Beach durin

I have attached 2 Papers Past clips.

John Henry Dinan
Rifleman; B Company; New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 2nd Battalion.

Date of birth - 4 September 1879 in the Wellington Provence.

<p>All I know is EW George served in Christchurch during WW2 and until he died in 1946.

A remarkable story On 25 March 1945, just months before the Netherlands and the rest of Europe go

I place flowers on war graves on the anniversary of their death.