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Stewart Arthur Manttan was known as 'Bill', although none of my family alive today know

Berther Charles Monk was 23 when he died in South Africa of typhoid fever (enteric fever as it wa

Born: 3 October 1890, Kaiapoi. Joined Government Insurance Department 15 July 1907.

I believe he was a Farmer and lived in Dairy Flat prior to him joining the Army.

Augustus (Gus) was my Great Uncle by marriage.

Date of birth = February 23 1897; NZ BDM Reg #4429.

Born 10th August 1921 in Auckland.

Born 4 December 1906, Wellington. [Record since amended - NZWGT]

Edgar Burns Gillespie died in the War Hospital (Eastern Hospital, Maryfield) Dundee.

Jim was my grandmother Marion's brother. I visited his grave in December 2021.

Born 23/01/1896, Mangaweka, Rangitekei, 3rd son of 6.

Third Engineer James was 27 and the son of Frank and Jane Mary James, of Puramchri, Takaka, Nelso