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Alfie worked in his father's blacksmith shop when he was growing up.

Louisa was born 10 Oct 1889, either in Kumara, Westcoast, NZ or Christchurch, NZ - her parents we

On the 1901 Census Frederick Evans is shown as being 1 year old living in No.

Cornelius known as Con was the eldest son of Cornelius and Alice May Crowley, Palmer Road, Kapong

Leslie was born on the 21st March 1894. He was just 20 when he left New Zealand.

It all started with Google! My father was a pilot during the war.

Brother to Leonard who was lost at Longueval September 15th 1916.

Dear Uncle Davy,

April 2019 Minna Munro was the the first family member to visit Uncle Johnny's grave at the

Corporal Stewart- date of birth 7 March, 1911, Drury, Papakura, Auckland.

Tom was born in Christchurch on 12.11.1917.

The Platoon Commander, Corporal Stewart and Private Cooper volunteered to get the wounded from th

I am 12 and I was looking through some medal thingys from my grandpa's house and I found a m

Albert's parents were Richard Edgar and Ruth Florence Wickham (nee Richardson).