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Flight Sergeant Richard Frederick WALLIS, Royal NZ Air Force, 89th (R.A.F.) Squadron - died of wo

Uncle Fred was killed when I was 9 months old.

David Dewar, the oldest son of Thomas Gladrie Dewar and Elizabeth Dewar, Otago, was born in Chris

Date of Birth 24 August 1922. Date of Enlistment 10 July 1941. [Record since amended - NZWGT]

Captain Alfred Burton Cook RFC. Burton was my father's half brother.

Portrait of Captain Alfred Burton Cook.

Henry Rowe was my Grandfather's (George McLaren) sergeant ... and they were good friends.

Albert Poole on leave in Belfast to see his sister Alice Holmes (née Poole), with niece Isabel Ho

I have details to add to your site for Noel Lund Jenkins No. 45756 20th

i have photo of him before he went to war with my poppa in a rugby team on my wall .

Son of Alexander and Isabella Mackay, of Scullomie, Tongue, Lairg, Sutherland.

I have a medal from this soldier.

I suggest that you put a link to The Scott Family tree against George's name.

Lancaster crew: North Killinghome, 550 Squadron, Charlie was pilot of this crew.

Missing presumed dead.

Third Engineer James was 27 and the son of Frank and Jane Mary James, of Puramchri, Takaka, Nelso

My father had custody of Jim so we never got told anything about what happened except what the ch

This year 2018 I am traveling to the Somme to see my great uncle's ( David Spence Lincoln ) memo

He was born 6 April 1892. [Record since amended - NZWGT]

Leslie Gordon Mitchell was born Leslie Gordon Boone.