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Details of Harold Dodds' life and service are available in the attached document.

My Grandmother was Margaret Jane Turton and was engaged to 'Jack Berry' and her engagement ring w

Gone but not forgotten.

Born 22 June 1906 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland Star Obituary 25 July 1917: " Sergeant George Hulme, reported killed in action, left wit

I did not know that our family had lost anyone when visiting Passchendale until my son who was vi

I now realise after some research that Great Uncle Ronald died in France not in Belgium but it do

Robert was born in Devonport, Auckland New Zealand in July 1894.

My mother was born after her father left for the war.

As an addendum to previous entry .

Born Richard Allan Gillingham, 9 Sept 1891, Greymouth was employed by Herbert Haines & Co.

Frederick's date of birth is given as 14 December, 1891, at Napier NZ.

My Great Grandfather Ernest Alfred Eyres was Great Grandfather Frank's brother.

Cecil Coleman was born in the Rangitikei 1 April 1894. [Record since amended - NZWGT]

One of three brother who went to war and did not come home.