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I have photo of him before he went to war with my poppa in a rugby team on my wall.

Joey was born 28th of August 1888 on the family farm in Matakana to Joseph and Ella Norma (nee Ra

<p>I&#39;ve bring looking for this person for quite some time.

As told by my mother, Ralph was the second son of Arthur and Margaret Tucker.

Birth date 9 October 1916.

Peter Solomona was adopted by Teinaki Pokipoki my Grandfather's Uncle from the island of Man

Born October 25th 1895, eldest son of William and Isabella McDonald (nee Hughes).

Alexander MacLachlan 1st Battalion, 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade killed in action 04/11/1918, ag

Noel Wouldes was the son of Frank Lionel and Ina Mathilde Wouldes, of Paterangi, Auckland, New Ze

Thomas Holmes Nisbet was the focus of a 2014 Anzac speech by the rector of Waitaki Boys' Hig

My grandfather, Thomas, was an air-raid warden during the Blitz. He died in London.

I was handed a photo, this one has on the back G H Turner died 2 June 1916.

Stephen Harry Knowles Cox was a Supply Officer in Sarawak when the Japnese invaded Borneo and Sar

<p>Graham Braddock was born in June 1919 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England to Jonas Archib

Killed during flight training as a result of a runway plane collision.