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I have just read the story on Jack Selwyn Parsons and never realised this was the gentleman that

Born 1895 to William John Jellyman and Elizabeth Ann Ching.

When researching the death of a POW buried at Malbork from a photo of his funeral I noticed that

My Great Uncle Ken was one of 4 Gibb Brothers who fought for NZ.

We just wanted to honour this young man who fell when contributing to the liberation of Europe.

P.O. R.W. Lornie NZ413944. Son of Thomas and Nan Lornie. Born April 1921, Auckland, NZ.

Warrant Officer Clifford John Goodenough, nick name Nook. Born 09-08-1923.

Victor was born on the 8th November 1917 .

Based on service records and letters held by family.

Patrick was a Wireless Operator - Air Gunner Sgt. stationed at Fingall, Toronto, Canada.

Stephen was born in Dublin, Ireland on Christmas Day 1874, the 5th of Patrick Fahey and Maria Ann

I often tell the story of William Ingram when I give tours of the war graves at CWGC's Stone

My father is named after him.

Please note for the record death of another brother.

Please note for the record the death of another brother.

Frank had two other brothers killed in WW1: Morris Connington Brown, 2nd May 1915, Gallipoli; Dav