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Collyn was the eldest of three sons who served their country in World War II.

ROLL OF HONOUR Corporal Thomas L. Lochhead

Great-uncle Lou was always mentioned to us as kids by our father in Bluff.

Reginald and his two brothers Francis and Ernest were all killed in action in France in World War

You are and always will be remembered Great-uncle Thomas. Forever grateful.

My father (Peter Cederman ) was Oscar's nephew and he had a letter from Oscar, written from the t

Ernest was born in Wellington on 02/02/1916. [Record since amended - NZWGT]

While researching my Grandma's family I came across Herbert.

Only recently has our family learnt of Augustus' service and ultimate sacrifice.

I was 5 when my beloved Uncle John,(my mother's brother) went to war from Auckland to the Middle

I am the great-niece of Cornelius, John, Thomas and Timothy O'Gorman.