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Circumstances of Death: Lost in aircraft / Crash site: Klein Wohnste, Germany.

My Great Uncle has the same birthday as myself just a few years earlier, DOB: 26 January 1889.

Found this letter in Eric's war records.

Lancel Lytton King was the only son of Margaret Ann (Smith) and John King, and sister of Pearl.

Allston Neely was my Grandfather's brother. He was born in 1895.

My grandson is named after Allston Neely. He is Allston JD Kernohan.

Birth 4 August 1886 - Wakefield St, Auckland, New Zealand. [Record since amended - NZWGT]

Military funeral at Winton for Trooper John Watson, 18th September 1915 (one of two photos taken

I have photo of him before he went to war with my poppa in a rugby team on my wall.

Joey was born 28th of August 1888 on the family farm in Matakana to Joseph and Ella Norma (nee Ra