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"Corporal James Flynn Bradley, who was killed in action at the Dardanelles on May 17, was educate

Private Sandford is commemorated on his parents' family grave in Arnos Vale cemetery, Bristol, UK

Frederick was injured and spent some time at Grey Towers Convalescent Hospital, Hornchurch, Essex

Harold Daniel was born at Kaitangata, New Zealand in the South Island.

Herbert Agustine Edwards was born 21 Jan 1870 Dawson Grove, Monaghan, Ireland.

From: For Your Tomorrow. Errol W. Martyn Volume One.

Brother of William Norris Masefield - 5 times winner of the Ballinger Belt 1914,1929, 1936, 1939

Clyde was to a certain extent a son of the British Empire who would have referred to the UK as ho

John was piloting a Whitely bomber during night flying exercises when it crashed into a hill abov

I obtained the photo of Great Uncle Haig (Spud) from my late Grandmother's diary of her life - Jo

Papers Past has got two articles about Arthur Charles WILLIAMS - Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume 43

On the day of his death he 'visited' his beloved mother in Christchurch, and had been his habit b