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Walter was killed in a plane crash just north of what is now Leighton Hospital on the north side

Private John Watson of Heddon Bush Southland died of cerebro-spinal meningitis at the Trentham Ca

John was born on 3rd February 1888, the son of John & Mary BARTER.

Len was born 14th March 1896 the son of John & Mary BARTER.

Cliff was born on 31st October 1886 and attended St Albans School 1896-98.

Tom was born on 28th November 1886, and attended St Albans School 1892-94.

Jack Milton Cave and his brother Vernon Grenville Cave, also killed in WW2 appear within Pedigree

The Aircrew Remembrance Society in the UK would like to make contact with any relatives of Walter

This photo was taken when Leonard was in the 17th Ruahine Company as a territorial, 1914-1915.

A rendition of his last message by postcard to his mother, some of the full stops I have added ma